Weba Vocal Studio Lesson Info


For the second half of the lesson when we work on songs, you will need to do some preparation.

You will need a recording of the song that you want to sing. This should be a track – mp3 – without the lead vocal. This is typically called an instrumental version or karaoke version of the song.

You can find karaoke tracks on iTunes, or at various karaoke sites such as Selectatrack.


If you send me the mp3 prior to your lesson, I will have time to load it into my computer and set up a Protools session so that we can work on it (sing to the track with a microphone and record) during your lesson. If you send me your mp3 in advance I will load it into the computer at no charge. If you bring it with you at your lesson, I will load it during the lesson.

It is also useful to have sheet music at your lesson. There are many sites that sell sheet music of current songs. I use Musicnotes.com where you can sometimes change the key and download the music instantly.


If you cannot find a karaoke track of the song you want to sing, you can usually get a set of lyrics with chords. There are numerous sites that provide this such as


Finally, you need to bring lyrics – two sets, one for you and one for me.

During the lesson, I record what we’re doing and will send you an mp3 version via Dropbox. You are welcome to make your own recording.