Weba’s Vocal Studio – Testimonials


Weba’s student Sue Lee in “Hairspray.”

I’m writing review just to say “Thank You!” Sue (my 15 year old daughter) got in her first competition since she got into Los Angeles Highschool for the Arts. The competition was for the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California Festival and Sue was in Musical Division. Her team got second and LACHSA got Sweepstakes first place (school who gets total high score). During the competition I got a lot of nice compliments about Sue’s singing.
So I was once again thinking about how important early vocal education is  (I think it was when she was 11 that she start getting vocal lesson from you Weba ). Thank you for great training that she got from you. Mi Kyung L.


Jena Awad recording with Weba Garretson

This lady taught me how to SING! I mean sing RIGHT and sing better than I ever imagined possible. Weba is a wonderful teacher. I have sang all My life! Played countless shows and I would always tire out my voice. Six months with Weba and now I perform Like a BOSS. Weba will teach you all the proper warm up techniques to get your voice in the right place. She helped take me out of my chest voice to reach higher notes by getting me in to my head voice. I would recommend her to any person who was looking for an amazing singing teacher. Jena Awad

Magie-Song-Weba-GarretsonI was fortunate to find Weba through a friend of a friend. I had some anxiety about singing at an upcoming event, since I hadn’t sung a note in front of an audience for quite a few years. This was a request that I could not refuse gracefully. This engagement was coming up quickly so I had time for only one lesson. Weba ran me through scales and vowel articulations to sing notes I thought I could no longer hit. Her exercises are rigorous and effective. Her coaching style is very supportive and I was able to gain confidence to do well at the event. Also, as a healthcare professional, I was highly impressed by her knowledge of the physiology of singing. I highly recommend Weba! Magie Song


Weba is a both a gifted musician and teacher, as well as a wonderful human being.  As a musician, her knowledge of music is both broad and deep, and we have worked together on songs that encompass many genres from pop to jazz to classical. As a teacher, she is grounded, insightful, patient and supportive.  She has deepened my understanding of what it takes to deliver an effective vocal performance in ways that I could never have learned on my own.  As a person, Weba is warm, funny, kind and generous. It is a privilege to learn from her. E. Bae

Christine Wertheim

Weba is not just a great singing teacher, she is a great voice coach. I am a vocal performer – spoken word and sound poetry – and she has helped improve my performance 100 fold. Specifically she has shown me how to focus on different qualities and colors in my voice, to produce different kinds of sounds to suit different emotions, characters, and affects. She has a vast range of very specific exercises, gleaned from many different voice traditions, to develop different parts of the vocal apparatus which, she has taught me, includes the throat, mouth, tongue, vocal cords, the chest, abdomen, pelvis, and back. She has shown me how to use all these to support my voice, so that it can do more and last longer without being overtaxed.  Christine Wertheim

The great thing about taking lessons with Weba is that I know each lesson is tailored for me. I came to Weba about 3 years ago with a tired and unresponsive voice.  Having come to teaching through learning to tackle her own vocal problems, Weba has helped me to regain my voice and to really understand how it works. Her deep knowledge of the voice and many different teaching disciplines has been invaluable to me.  I highly recommend lessons with Weba. Steve Summers


I had two singing teachers before and Weba is certainly the best vocal teacher that I have ever had. She teaches me many techniques to help me sing a variety of songs, including classical music, jazz, and especially pop songs. She spends time reviewing my videos and my lessons in order to help me find suitable songs and teach me new techniques to master the songs. When I learn a new song, she always spends time to walk me through the technical challenges as well as how to express the emotion of the song. Over one and a half years taking her lessons so far, I have become not only a better singer but also a better performer. I am so grateful for Weba’s great teaching experience. Trang Vu – A happy singing student.

Shannon @ WVS

Weba: When I decided to begin voice lessons as a female 30-something with not much real musical experience, I was looking for a teacher who would be knowledgeable, supportive, positive, and fun. In Weba, I found that and much much more! I look forward to each lesson and feel that I’ve grown so much as a singer in the year that I’ve worked with her. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Shannan Hough


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