Weba and the Harry Knows Quintet

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Weba Garretson and Steve Stewart of Weba and the Harry Knows Quintet photo by Nathan Stein??

WEBA and the HARRY KNOWS QUINTET: Music (1990-1993). 

WHKQ Promo Shot

In 1990, Steve Stewart and I were commissioned by Julie Lazar to write “Humans Making Love As Gods” for the Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Territory of Art:” a series of radio shows created by contemporary artists. Steve and I were already composing songs that combined spoken narrative with singing. It was natural expand these songs into a radio drama, albeit a surrealistic one. The story involves a typical bohemian couple, living in Los Angeles and balancing the forces of creativity and enterprise. One night, they’re overtaken in their dreams by the ancient Greek Gods who have been house sitting in Malibu and who relieve their boredom by channel surfing into sleeping humans. The production is one party Ray Harryhausen and one part Firesign Theater and features an illustrious cast: Irene Cagen Forrest, Martin Kersels, Dan O’Connor, Tina Preston and John Fleck.

Original Territory of Art CD featuring Making Love as Gods

produced by Julie Lazar and Jon Kroll


Human’s Making Love as Gods is now in limited re-release via Bandcamp